I had a big night last night (5/20 Friday), starting with a little happy hour with some friends from school and some local friends who I had met the night before.  This is the TGI Friday’s happy hour in Ikebukuro, very close to where my Japanese friends (in the pictures below), and I live.  I just got a new camera, so I’m showing off its panoramic view, which is awesome.

This is the first non Izakaya bar I’ve been too since I got to Japan, and it reminds me of bars you’d find in the US, and the food is just as bad as well. The food at Izakaya’s is way better and cheaper. But the drinks were half off for happy hour, I can’t really complain. I also had the opportunity to try to converse in Japanese, which made some of my school friends laugh, since I’m level 1 and they’re level 5. But I conversed with my new Japanese friends for a while, in a pidgin of Japanese and English – their English is as bad as my Japanese. We have common ground in rock and roll, and we talked about music some and left TGI Fridays to see on of their friends bands play.

We went to a bar in Asagaya called Gamuso, and I think its run by some English guys, but I’m not exactly sure. My Japanese friends who I had meet last night brought me here, and its a very happening place.

It was packed with foreigners and locals, I talked with a bunch of people in bands and with some of the guys running the place. I highly recommend going to this bar if you like music, it had a very hip rock and roll feel.

My friends band was called 19 Mirrors, the singer was from LA of all places (the rest of the band was Japanese), and we conversed a little when she was on stage – somehow I ended up getting a bit of hell from her (lols), but it was all in good fun. The band rocked, the musicians were professional and energetic, and the singer had great stage presence. The band was really cool, I got to meet most of them, before and after the show.

The singer above is Hanna.
This is my first post, I hope its ok by the schools standards. Japan is still rocking despite the earthquake, and life is going on here pretty much as it was before, prehaps with less foreigners (yay).