Hey everyone! I’m Will from America. I’m originally from Ohio but have been living in Los Angeles the past decade before moving to Tokyo in January. I’ve wanted to live in Tokyo ever since my first visit in 2010, and I’ve been back two times since to do more exploring and hang out with friends I’ve met. Now I’m finally here for at least a year (maybe more).

I write and record music and played in a few bands in LA, and I’m working on doing the same here. I also write a ramen blog and can’t believe I now live in the ramen capital of the world! I’m so spoiled I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to leave. LA had a pretty good scene (that’s getting better by the day) but nothing can compare to the wealth of options just blocks from my house. If you haven’t explored ramen here yet… you need to start NOW. Let me know if you need any recommendations.

I joined the gambalog late so we’re already almost two months into school, but so far everything has been going really well. Classes are fun and I’m learning a lot. Tokyo is the most fun city in the world but I knew that before moving here. I’ve been around Europe, I’ve seen much of Asia, most of America and some of Central America but I can honestly say there is nowhere quite like Japan.

Hopefully I’ll be writing about ramen, music, and weird cultural situations I seem to find myself in, so stay tuned!

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