Hi there everyone!

My name is Fabio, I come from Italy and I got here in Japan in October.
I was born (it’s not a long story, I swear!) in Milan, the same city where I also attended university and started studying Japanese. Truth be told, I enjoyed that course a lot, since I got to know many people that I now call friends and it made me get more and more addicted to this language. But unfortunately I had few chances to practise speaking Japanese…and that’s more or less the reason why I’m here. Yes. In order to formulate something more articulated than「私の名前はポタトファビオです。」.
I planned to join KAI Japanese School for six months (maybe I’ll stay longer if I get a baito), so in this span of months let’s get to know each other and have fun 🙂
I’m from the 4A (on the first floor/japanese second floor), my lessons are in the afternoon but you may find me on the (japanese)third floor also during the morning, studying. I’m like “that guy who comes at school between 9-10 a.m. even if his class is from 13:20 p.m. just to study”. Yeah…I usually get some [ohmygosh, get a life!]-look too, but hey: since I have spare time and this is not a city you can just visit using transport without hurting your pocket badly (ifyaknowwhatImean), and I can barely study at home, why not? Moreover, you have more chances to catch up with me more often! How lucky you a~re 😀

My hobbies you say? Uhm…I really love cooking (“how exquisitely original” you may think: “an Italian who loves cooking…”, but that’s just a cliché!).
Basically, I think I love cooking ‘cause I really enjoy eating.
Seriously, I do.
You know, I’m not that type of potato(?) human who eats just to survive; I eat ‘cause I love eating. I love food. And Tokyo is sooo full of food shops/restaurants/sweet shops/restaurants and then food shops againGOSH. Stop it.
Have you ever tried Mr. Donuts by the way? No? Then don’t.
It’s a trap.
It's a Trap.
You will start eating just one, innocent, 柔らかい donut, as reward for your efforts and then, before you even notice, you will have tried all the type of donuts they sell. And I mean ALL.
「お客様、どうぞ!こちらで召し上が・・・」 NO! I don’t wanna eat here, I wanna LIVE here!!
Joking aside, try it: you won’t regret it.

And, as I was saying, I like also video games and anime. And that’s why 秋葉原is one of my favourite districts in Tokyo. But no, this is not linked to my personal interest in Japanese. I like Japanese ‘cause I do love how it sounds and I would like to find a job where I have to use it.
Speaking of which, I love foreign languages. Unfortunately I realized it a bit late…but never say never! I would like to learn Korean, French, Spanish, Chinese and improve my English (and if I’m not dead already, some German would be nice; felt in love with Southern Germany one year ago, and now I wanna try also Nothern Germany!).
What else…I love travelling! Of course! So many places I want to see again and so many new ones I want to visit!

So, if you have tips or you just want to have a lil’ chit-chat with me, you know where to find me 😀

じゃ, see ya all at school!