Being a really rude person, I wrote about three posts without introducing myself first, but that’s just because I totally forgot am very busy these days… Let’s try making up!

Hello everybody! My name is Christine and I’m from Italy, even if I may not look like one ‘cause my mother is from Philippines and I got asian features.
I came to Japan at the end of March and intend to stay here for a year trying to learn as fast as I can… which is quite troublesome since I’m fast as a turtle.
My hobby is getting lost everywhere I go, but ehy, here in Tokyo it’s a good way to enjoy the city and its secret places, so that’s not a big deal.
Oh, and I like writing too! This is my first time dealing with a school blog, but I’ll try my best!
My first posts were all in Italian and after a reaaaally long consideration I decide to write only in English here, so next step will be trying to translate all of them. Actually, my English is quite embarrassing, please forgive me.
I’ll keep writing in Italian in my personal blog and maybe post different things, so if you are bored and have nothing better to do, you can have a look!

What else? I love pandas.
And that’s it. (Quite a strange way to finish a self introduction, but you know, I’m running out of ideas.)

See you next time! And please don’t be afraid to point out any mistake I wrote.