My name is Ruben Arreola Jr. ot as my family calls my Lolohan and I am 25 years old about to be 26 on 8/28. I am a Mexican American originally from The “City of Angels” Los Angeles and also lived in Las Vegas for the last 2 years before FINALLY moving to Japan. I say finally because ever since I can remember it has been a dream to live and study here.















I am a entrepreneur (fancy way to say undecided in life), Futbol (soccer) lover, and traveller by heart and have been fortunate enough to step foot in over 20 Countries but no matter where I go my heart is not at ease like when I am in Japan. In this blog I hope to show you a glimpse of all the wonderful things this country has to offer from the insane pop culture to things like food, cars, sports, historical and popular locations and the endless hidden beauty often unseen by visitors. I will also be offering functional advice and experience from my time here as a student and resident of Japan. Here’s to what I am aiming to make enjoyable and informative reading and hope that you like this adventure.

Please note that I will also be posting in Spanish once my laptop starts to work properly.