My name is Kris Leisman, I’m an American graphic artist and avid curry-rice-eater. I’m 27, and I grew up in a small farm town in Indiana, where I lived most of my life until coming to Tokyo. I lived on a cattle farm in the middle nowhere off and on until I moved about a week ago. Yes, my parents freaked out.

I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo, and I have a lot of love for Japanese cars, old samurai movies, all manner of Japanese food, and of course, giant robots. I spent about 5 weeks here on a holiday last year, and I hoped I would get to experience a lot of these things during my first time in Tokyo. I was not disappointed. I also did not want to leave.

Surprisingly—to me anyway—I met a wonderful woman here, and she is chiefly the reason I have returned. I always planned to come back and study Japanese here, but I never thought I would return so soon. Maybe something about my encyclopedic knowledge of old Mazda sports cars really caught her attention, or perhaps it was my awful attempts at conversation in Japanese, but either way, she encouraged me to return this year, and here I am. Mostly, I’m excited to finally be able to read what type of onigiri I’m buying at the conbini. Have you ever eaten cheese onigiri? Have you ever then, also, gagged on cheese onigiri?

In my spare time, I do a lot of research on old cars, watch tons of bad horror movies, record voice-overs, and I’m attempting to kick-start two of my own shows on YouTube (one about living abroad and the other about my love of 1980s science fiction). In the coming weeks, I will most probably be writing about finding delicious food destinations, Mobile Suit Gundam, car museums, and articles on practical information relating to Japan. And probably also how to use these damn drier/washing machines.

I hope to see you in the future.