GiantatmuseumHello! My name is Shannon, I am a 26 year old from Canada. I moved to Japan in March of this year to get married to my husband, Kazuya, and to learn Japanese. I have had an interest in learning Japanese for a few years, even before meeting Kazuya, and have taken a class before, so I have little knowledge, but I could never find the time to really focus on it and become proficient at studying the language. Now, I have the opportunity to really study, and I am so excited to learn!

Before I moved I worked as a 3D Character Modeler for childrens animation, and even though I am not working while I attend KAI I still enjoy 3D modeling in my spare time. I hope after my time of studying that I can work for a animation company in Japan and continue my career, I already have my eyes on a couple of animation studios.  😉

So far, I have been really enjoying my life in Japan, though it can be really scary and overwhelming at times! Like getting a spouse visa, finding a English speaking orthodontist and the culture shock. I regret nothing! I am having so much fun learning to cook new things, seeing new places, and participating in Japanese events. Kazuya has helped me so much getting my new life in order, I know from reading others experiences that it could be a lot more stressful without his insider knowledge!

I have been learning and experiencing so many new things, and hope with this blog that I can share a few of my new experiences as they happen! I can’t wait!