I’m Jessica, and the only photo I have of myself on my phone and computer are cosplay pictures. But eh, it’s not as if my wig looks that much more wild than my actual hair, so here we go:


By this point, you’re probably guessing that I’m going to profess my love for anime and manga. Well, you’re half-right. I started learning Japanese because of anime and manga – but for some reason, I haven’t watched any for years now.

I’m still into video games though! I love Japanese video games, whether it’s RPGs, puzzles, music games… Mobile games. Especially mobile games, because Japanese mobile games, with their never ending and unexpectedly compelling stories and pretty art had pretty much taken over my heart.

But enough of nerd talk.

I was born in Indonesia, spent a good deal of my life in Singapore before moving to the UK to study history. Afterwards, I came back to Indonesia to work for half a year, and spent sometime in Osaka while waiting to do my masters in public engagement for humanities subject, again in the UK. After that, I returned to Indonesia once more to work in a baby clothes company while saving up money to go to Japan again.

Why again? Because my academic specialty was on how different cultural materials (eg. books, folklore, movies) were reinterpreted and adapted through different periods of time and countries. How it was done over time in Japan was one of my bigger case studies, and the deeper I dig into it, the more I wanted to know, and eventually it reached a point where it was impossible to continue without having a really strong grasp of Japanese, as well as an understanding of the present society that I think I can only get by living here long term.

…Actually that was just even more nerd talk huh? Okay, whether it’s for video games, literature, history — or here’s more, idols and Japanese seiyuu (voice actors) I’m a really massive nerd, so you can probably expect that of my posts here at Kai Gambalog.

I love going to things like cosplay events, themed cafes, idol concerts or pop up stores, just as much as I love going to museum exhibitions, plays and historical sites. I’m super excited to be going to all of these things while I’m in Japan, so I hope you’d enjoy reading my posts too!