This summer a friend and I went to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. Now being from Southern California, Disney is not something new for me. however the experience in Tokyo was not what I had expected. You may think that the parks are all the same however they are not, there are many differences that make for a similar but unique experience.


Disney Tokyo is located in Chiba, a Prefecture next to Tokyo. It is about 35 mins from Tokyo Station via the line nicknamed the Disney Line. Upon exiting the train you will see a small shopping center along with one of the Disney hotels. to the left is the monorail station that will take you to Disneyland or Disney Sea. A one day pass will run you 600 yen, a good deal considering a one way ticket is around 210 yen. The monorail is decorated with Disney designs and it even has Mickey head shaped hand rings for those who have to stand for the ride. If you decide to walk to Disney Tokyo it is about a 5min walk to the ticket gate. Along the way there was a giant Disney store with quite a lot of merchandise so that people can enter Disney Tokyo in style. There is also a nice bridge that you have to walk across to reach the gates. The bridge has a few statues of various Disney characters making it a good picture spot. When we entered the park the view of the castle was right in front of us as we walked through the bazaar located just inside the gate.


To the left of the bazaar is Adventure Land where Pirates of the Caribbean is, amongst other rides. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean and found that there is a restaurant that seats people in a garden that is located inside the ride it self. Upon further research (being told at the door we couldn’t eat there) we were told that a reservation is necessary for this restaurant. After some window shopping we went to Western Land where we saw the Lilo and Stitch show which was fun and included a very good Stitch animatronic doll. We also rode the River Cruise Safari which is a nice and relaxing boat ride that reminded me of the ride in Disneyland back in Anaheim, California. walking down the street we noticed various characters walking the park in their respective sections. This happens at times indicated in the daily schedule section in the map at the front gate. Continuing down the park was Critter Country where the ride with the longest wait time was Splash Mountain. As stated earlier we went in the summer so with temperatures of 30ºC plus it is no surprise there was a 110min wait. For your information bring a towel, or buy one with your favorite character on it like we did, because you will get very wet.


We then went to get food as we were very hungry from the rides and just taking in the atmosphere at the park. Having been turned down at the Pirates Restaurant we settled for a food stall with some tables and were we ever glad we did. Fantasyland has a pizza spot called Captain Hook’s Galley which featured a summer special pizza with chicken and summer veggies. This was honestly one of the best meals I have ever had at any Disney park. Peter Pan’s Flight was next because I mean Peter Pan, duh! This is one of my all time favorite rides and really does remind me of watching the movie as a child. Alice’s Tea Cups and the Castle Carrousel were next at Fantasyland and after that more window shopping. We headed past Toontown to Tomorrowland, home of Star Tours. Star Tours is a 4D ride in which you fly in a spaceship fleeing from the republic in a spaceship this ride has been updated to show the characters from the new Star Wars, as well as the older ones, and is a must for any fan. The last ride of the day was Space Mountain, the fastest ride at Disneyland. This rollercoaster-esque ride has both speed and turns all in a room illuminated only with small lights that give you the feel that you are in deep space, far away from the stars. It was well worth the 80 min. wait.


One of the most surprising thing was how different the parks were. The price for example is a huge difference here. In California a one day ticket runs about the same cost as a three day pass here is about 17000 yen or around 170USD (a one day Disneyland pass in the US is around 150USD, or 15000 yen). In order to get the most from the Disney Tokyo Experience it is best to get a three day pass at least. Food also cost significantly less with a limited summer only boba drink being 380 yen and pizza combos only being 780 yen as compared to Disneyland 15USD (approx. 1500 yen) average food price. Some other differences include wait times in line. Most of the rides we got on had lines of less then 20 min. wait and only two rides went past 50 mins. This is unheard of at Disneyland in the US, with even fastpass wait times often being over an hour. Also in Disney Tokyo every popcorn stall has a different flavor of popcorn ranging from curry to chocolate and even soy sauce, all were very delicious. Over all I was pleasantly surprised by this park and Disney Sea (which I will write a post on soon) and love going back to see what I have missed my previous times there. I hope this at least gives you all a feel for the park and that you will be able to someday enjoy it first hand. Until next time thank you and good night.