Hi world!

Thank you for checking out our blog! ^___^
We are Maru and Kei.
Our team ‘Little Tokyo Tale’ follows the lives of three fictional characters living in Tokyo. Through their lives, which are loosely based on our own, we want to show you our daily life in Tokyo as language students at KAI Language School.
The three characters each have their own likes and dislikes, using their different personalities we want to share with you many different parts of Tokyo.

‘Little Tokyo Tale’ will be written in English, Chinese and once in a while in Japanese. (we are Japanese language students after all =p )

We hope see you back often and share the lives of our characters.


Maru & Kei


Hi, 你哋好.

好多謝你哋咁上面睇我哋嗰 Blog! ^___^

我哋喺 Maru 同 阿Kei

我哋嗰Blog”東京小物語”裡面有3個不同性格, 各有自己喜好啲人物. 我哋會喺 blog 裡面, 通過這3個人物啲故事, 介紹我哋喺東京學習日語, 同日常生活啲情況, 希望同大家分享吓在東京生活啲樂趣.

我哋基本上會用中文同英文去寫我哋嗰 blog, 但係有時也會用日文的, 因為我哋係日本都係學緊日文. 希望大家多多比面去欣賞吓 啦.

我哋3個人 Chanel, Minerva 同阿 Rhys都好期待跟住再喺我哋個 Blog 見到你哋

Maru & Kei