Konnichiwa! こんにちは!


Looooong time no see, had to make something…

Ok, this will be quick and easy!

So me, Kristine and two anonymous persons that are in my class, went to Harajuku.

And I’m the guy in the title just to make you sure.

The first thing we did was going around shops.

Shops that I’ve never entered.

The one place I really liked was a lolita clothing shop.

Reeeaally nice, I’m not into that kind of style but I think it’s cool  \(*- *”)/

Mostly there for one of my friends sake, she is kinda into that.

After that we kept walking around shops, laughing like crazy, having fun.

Party trucks appeared from time to time.

(I call them party trucks, trucks that plays music, I’ll send a short youtube link!)

We went to Starbucks drank some Starbucks shit.

We were talking shit about people too.

Hey, I’m a honest guy 😉

I mean what do 30 year old single ladies do, right?

I feel like I was in a episode of “Sex in the City”… Without the sex.

(Btw I don’t want to mislead people that starts reading my blog. I’m a guy haha xD)

So yeah that was my day…

This post was rather short, BUT!

I’ll be posting like a crazy person for this upcoming week!

I need to redeem myself, for the readers.

Do I even have any readers ._.

Btw I dropped a “Melty Kiss” on a roof in Harajuku, you’ll see the picture, sad moment :[

Well, yes. BYE!

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