Konnichiwa! こんにちは!

Hey, this is my first post for this term!

The past holiday I decided to go back to visit Sweden.

I won’t make a post about it, but I’m just letting you guys know :]

So today we had the first Gambalog meeting and I decided to just to a little post to introduce this term.

I’ve been here in Japan for almost 7 months now.

I’ve met some awesome people along the way, my classmates are the best.

I remember coming back to Japan.

Thinking I was going to miss the Cherry Blossoms,

because I was going to go when the Cherry Blossoms were suppose to bloom.

And then of course coming back when they’re gone.

But I was so lucky I came like 2 days before they started to disappear.

Like the most important week being in Japan. Since it only happens once a year.

I don’t know there is not much to tell!

I hope I won’t be so lazy, I’ll try writing more effectively for the upcoming posts.

Cause like I totally suck  |ಠ3ಠ|*!

Well until next time!

Bye and have a great life ^o^~<3