Hello everybody!

I am very happy to be able to introduce myself here in our lovely blog from KAI School. I have been looking forward to sharing my adventures in Japan with you ever since I planned to join this wonderful school, more than a year ago!

My name is Paloma. I am half spanish, half american, and I moved to Tokyo less than a month ago. So far I am loving my daily life here, since everyday I am learning new things and this country is so beautiful and unique.

The reason I decided to learn Japanese is because I always wanted to learn a new language, and I have felt attracted to the Japanese culture ever since I can remember. Being here is a goal I wanted to achieve, so now I am making the most of every day!

The Japanese learning process is also very interesting, my teachers are all very nice and the staff here is very helpful. I started from level 1, which is the most basic level Kai School has. But I am happy to start from the beginning, I am learning grammar, vocabulary, and all aspects of the Japanese language little by little, and things are starting to make sense to me in this complex yet awsome language. Learning Japanese will not be an easy task, but it will sure be an enoyable one.

Since I came to this school all by myself, I was a bit worried at the beginning. Lucky I have made friends very quickly and everybody in my class is very cheerful and easy to talk to. And not only my classmates, everybody in general is approachable and kind, I am so lucky to be in such a rewarding environment!


So that’s all for now, I’ll write again soon. In the meantime please look forward to our posts!



PS: This is a photo I took in Venice last year, I will upload more photos from Japan in the future!