Hi there!

I am Chiara and I come from Rome, Italy 🙂


Like Paloma and Catherine, I have just joined Gambalog staff and I am looking forward to share my own experiences (past and future ones) here in Japan with everyone who wants to pay us a visit on this blog. I love writing, but sometimes I am too busy to focus on it and properly do it.キアラ

Being part of Gambalog staff will help me in this for sure.

I decided to write this first post in English, but in the future I would like to write in my native language, Italian,  and even in Japanese.

I am currently attending the advanced japanese class (level 7 actually, but you are never so “advanced” in Japanese ahah) here in Kai school and all I can say is that I am very happy I chose it among others school here in Tokyo. It could seem we are prising the school too much, but really, teachers are good and nice, staff are helpful and kind.. I really like the atmosphere here.

It is a “serious” school if you know what I mean. But if you keep the speed in studying, I am sure you are not going to spend all your time on studying Japanese. Living a real life here is a priority for every student, and I think Kai staff and teachers understand it.

I should thank people who wrote on this blog before me, cause through their posts I could get to know more about this school and life here.

Being a 7 level, my expectations about this experience here are high. I want to improve further my Japanese (expecially comunication skills) and soon be able to talk fluently (really fluently) with Japanese people, both friends or colleagues. I have been studying Japanese for 5 years in Rome, in Nihon no Bunka Kaikan and teaching methods are the same of course, but I think (as Catherine just wrote it in her post) the fastest way to learn a foreign language is to live in the target country, so here I am.

Why I chose Japanese? Oh gosh, maybe this is at the same time the most common question I have been asked and the most difficult to answer. I really don’t know.  Of course when I was a kid I have been “fished” by the picture and the world showed in japanese 80’s mangas and animes. This is literature for this country, not only a “kid’s thing”. I liked the 雰囲気 (again the atmosphere) of this country.

I don’t love it unconditionally of course… it would be silly. But I love it cause it makes me feel in the right place.

Oh, I forgot to say, I lived in Japan twice before coming back here three weeks ago (January 2014): first time in Osaka in 2009, then here in Tokyo last autumn even if just for 2 months.

That first time here, the one in Osaka, made me fall in love with the place. So far I like life here, with its troubles and ups and downs of course, but I right know I feel I could be happier here than in Italy.

I am writing to much for a kick-off post!
Time to go studying/working/living.

I’ll write here soon, stay tuned and please look forward to our posts!