Do you have a feeling when you want to have something warm  to eat on a hot day? Well, doesn’t a good warm cheese tart sounds so perfect for cheese lovers? Pablo is super well known for the cheese tarts and they have two locations, one big kiosk with no seating at Akihabara, and a Pablo Cafe @Omotesando, which is nearer to Harajuku station, is a full-size sit down cafe with seatings on both floors, but only a few items are available on the first floor, like the mini cheese tarts and some beverages and some packed cheese biscuits to try or buy as souvenirs.

Some of the items they sell in the Pablo Shop


The second floor is where most of the main items are available like the full sized cheese tarts, shaved ice(kakigori) etc.

The cafe on the second floor

Now it is very important to decide what do you want to eat, because no matter where you go in Tokyo, there is always going to be a long queue, so we were given a number and two different menus and they asked us if we wanted to sit on the first or second floor.

The English menu #1 (sorry for the blurriness, took this last minute shot before we headed off to be seated) 

The English menu #2 (sorry for the blurriness, took this last minute shot before we headed off to be seated)

The English menu #3 (sorry for the blurriness, took this last minute shot before we headed off to be seated)

We opted for the full sized Original Cheese Tart with vanilla ice cream and the mango cheesecake tart kakigori, although the options were endless, we decided to go safe. Now, it is best to come with a group of friends and you might need some good conversation topics and lots of patience, because the wait for the desserts is about 30 minutes (minimum), but let me tell you, it is SO WORTH THE WAIT!

Get ready for some cheesy goodness… and shaved ice goodness… XD

OMG *HEART HEART* for cheese tart goodness!! Look at that tart, look at that ice cream, look at that mysterious syrup, look at everything!!! 

I kid you not, everything about this dish was AMAZING! The cheese was super light and fluffy, it was perfectly sweet, and for a moment, I went to food heaven XD Also, the crust was quite flaky, and together with the vanilla ice cream and the syrup, it was just OH SO PERFECT!

The mango cheesecake tart kakigori, look at the size of it! IT IS MONSTROUS!

Summer is the time for icy desserts and it was a natural instinct to order a kakigori, especially when you’ve been walking around on 35 degrees weather, and you feel like having something super refreshing, this is a go-to dessert. It’s called ‘mango cheesecake tart kakigori’,it’s topped with a cloud of white cheese espuma and some sugar-coated crumbles, with some mango cubes, and to balance off the sweetness of the kakigori, cheese chunks are served by the side. The white cheese complimented the mango shaved ice so perfectly, with the mix of sweet and sour, and the crumbles gave a crunch to the dessert. But one thing I didn’t like about this dessert was the mango cubes, because they were super sour!

Now, the prices are bit pricey, but you are getting really big portions, and if I’m not wrong, they are serving special dishes like Camembert Cheese Tart (which is savoury) and Fruit Cheese Tart Special, so be sure to check that out!

Overall, I would say, Pablo cheese tarts are my favourite ones by far, I was a really satisfied foodie when we demolished the desserts. This gives me a really good reason to come back again and try the other items, so bring your appetite, friends and wallet and you will not be disappointed!

The address is 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, 神宮前1−14−21, and business hours are from 10 am to 9 pm.

Hope that everyone is having a great summer so far, in this crazy heat! :O The only “F”s you need in life is family, friends, food and fun! Until next time, DO YOU AND BE YOU! And see you guys soon!

Deirdre 🙂