About teachers

KAI teachers have abundant expertise and experience

All the teachers at KAI fulfill at least one of the conditions below and have expertise in Japanese language teaching.

  • Has passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
  • Has finished a Japanese teacher training course (420 hours)
  • Has finished Japanese teaching at a university or graduate school as a main or sub major

KAI has about 50 teachers, including experts with more than 10 years of teaching experience, as well as new, young teachers full of motivation.

Teacher demographics as of July 2018.

The ratios of years of teaching experience

teacher_years10 yearsor longer42.6%Shorter than5 years33.3%5 to 10 years24.1%

A lot of KAI teachers have experiences of studying and/or working abroad, and have strong interest in cross-cultural understanding and communication.

Vigorous effort for research activities

Many of our teachers are also interested in practice research. They continuously engage in research such as developing or implementing new teaching methods and present the results at various places. Please read here for their research achievements.