Practical conversation course

The Practical Conversation Course has been temporarily suspended as of March 17, 2023. However, we will continue to offer long-term comprehensive courses as well as private lessons and corporate training. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The target of the Practical Conversation Course is to have the students widen the areas of communication by themselves and enjoy their life in Japan more richly and independently. To achieve this goal, the lessons focus on improving conversational skills. The lesson in the beginner levels are structured with situations that students would likely encounter in their daily lives in Japan. As the level goes up, the range of conversation widens from daily topics to social and specialized ones. Each level up to and including level 5 can be completed with 4 weeks of lessons, however students can learn up to 16 weeks in level 6.

Student population by country in 2021

student population by country in 2021

Student population by area in 2021

student population by area in 2021

Student population by age group in 2021

student population by age group in 2021

Original Textbook

The original textbook for the Practical Conversation Course is structured with situations that students would likely encounter in their daily lives in Japan. Along with practical vocabulary and expressions useful in real life, the textbook visualizes grammatical structures (Ezoe grammar) to promote efficient learning and understanding.

The textbooks of level 6 is commercial material “Marugoto.”

Small Group Class Lessons

The maximum number of students per class is 12. The teachers and students are close, the class has a relaxing atmosphere and students can enjoy personalized feedback. The lessons are structured mainly with pair works and a lot of time is reserved for speaking practice.

Small Steps

The lessons are structured day by day and the goal of each day is explicitly set. The curriculum is constructed with units of a week and students can complete the level by finishing 4 units. Students have homework every day and a review test every week. By building up these small steps, students are sure to realize their steady progress.

In the level 6, students complete each unit for a week and are given homework every unit, not every day. It is possible to study in the level 6 for up to 16 weeks.


Student progress is evaluated with the results of weekly review tests, a final interview test, and class performance as well as the attendance rate and homework submission rate. The result of 70% or above is necessary to advance to the next level.

Course Information

1 lesson50 min.
Lessons per week15
Class sizeMax 6 (until December 23, 2022)
Max 10 (from January 23, 2023)
  • The lesson time depends on the level.


Level 1 – To Experience Tokyo –

This level is for complete beginners. In this level, students learn basic Japanese communication skills that can be used for sightseeing in Tokyo. They can use what they’ve learned that day immediately in town. They practice conversations for the situations such as fastfood restaurants, restaurants, shopping, etc. 
Japanese level: Complete beginner to JLPT N5 (listening level)

Level 2 – To Enjoy Life in Tokyo –

In this level, students learn Japanese communication skills that will make their life in Tokyo more comfortable. They learn conversations to make the quality of life in Japan higher The topics include inviting friends for concerts and asking for explanations of dish, etc. 
Japanese level: JLPT N5 to N4 (listening level)

Level 3 – To Talk with People –

In this level, students learn Japanese communication skills so that they can talk appropriately depending on the situations and people to talk with. The situations include talking with Japanese friends and people they meet on a trip, etc. 
Japanese level: JLPT N4 (listening level)

Level 4 – To Talk about My Thoughts –

In this level, students learn to express their ideas, opinions or feelings about various topics of daily life. They also learn to broaden the conversation so that they can explain the situation and to make a proposal. 
Japanese level: JLPT N4 to N3 (listening level). Able to read hiragana and katakana.

Level 5 – To Have a Better Conversation –

In this level, students learn to build smooth personal relationships using Japanese. They practice to understand the feelings and situations hidden in the context of the conversation for deeper communication. And they learn the expressions to make the other person understand including their feelings and situations.
Japanese level: JLPT N3 (listening level). Able to read hiragana and katakana.

Level 6 – To Be an Expert of Japan –

In this level, students learn to talk about social topics of Japan and express their opinions. They also learn how to use various vocabulary and expressions using essays, stories, movies, etc. In addition, they practice to broaden and deepen the content of their talk through various exercises such as roleplaying, discussions, etc.
Japanese level: JLPT N3 to N2 (reading level). Kanji: 300 to 800 characters.



 Start Date
End Date
Application Deadline
Jan.Jan. 23Feb. 17Jan. 6
Feb.Feb. 20Mar. 17Feb. 3
  • Recommended starting dates for beginners. Beginners should start on these dates.
  • Students can be enrolled after the application deadline only when there is a vacancy.
  • Classes will be a hybrid format with a mix of school attendance and online classes. The frequency of each will be determined by the prevalence of the novel coronavirus at that time.



The early bird discount is applicable only when the booking is completed 3 months prior to the session (level) start date.

Regular Price
Tuition per week¥30,000
Materials per level¥3,000
  • Materials fee is 3,000 yen per level (4 weeks), but you are required to purchase the materials (Marugoto Intermediate 1 or 2) yourself only if you take level 6 online. Which materials you use depends on the schedule. Each is available in print (Marugoto 1: 3,080 yen, Marugoto 2: 3,300 yen) and downloadable Kindle versions (Marugoto 1: 2,926 yen, Marugoto 2: 2,970 yen), so please prepare one of the above before attending the course.
  • If there are one or two applicants, the class will be held for two lessons per day instead of three lessons per day.
  • Due to the need to concentrate human resources on the General Course, the Practical Conversation Course is temporarily suspended from the 2023 March session. We will inform you as soon as the course is confirmed to resume.

Enrolling Procedure

Download the application form

Email the completed application form at You can also either fax or mail them to us.

Address: Miyuki Bldg. 3F, 1-15-18, Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 169-0072
FAX :81-(0)3-3207-4651

Level check test

We’ll tell you the URL of our online level check test. Complete it within 30 minutes.

Class and Fee Notification

We’ll let you know the most suitable class for you and the fee.

Payment of fees

On confirmation of payment of your fee, you will be enrolled as a member of the course, and your seat will be reserved.

Start of the lesson

An interview will take place on the first day of the course and the level will be confirmed.