Japanese courses

Your classmates are from all over the world

KAI Japanese Language School has been teaching Japanese to students from all over the world since 1987. We have maintained a well-balanced ratio of nationalities, with students from more than 40 countries still studying Japanese every day.

Courses and Levels

General Japanese course

This is a Japanese language course that students will acquire a high level of Japanese language skills, with the possibility of obtaining a student visa by spending 6 months to 2 years. Students have a variety of goals, such as finding a job in Japan, entering a university or vocational school, or passing the JLPT N1.

Practical conversation course

This is a short-term Japanese course for those who want to improve their conversational skills. Starting with expressions that can be used in sightseeing and travel, students will eventually develop their Japanese language skills to deal with social issues and specialized topics. Since it is not possible to obtain a student visa, many students come to Japan on a short-term visa.

Business Japanese

KAI Japanese Language School has been providing Japanese language training for many years to companies in a variety of industries, mainly engineers, and embassies, etc. In addition to Japanese language training for corporate clients, we also offer business Japanese language classes for intermediate and advanced level students who want to work in Japan, etc. according to their objectives and level.

Summer courses

The courses are offered in July and August each year with full of activities. There are two courses: Grammar and Conversation Course and JLPT Preparation Course. We also have a popular teen program for 13 to 17 year olds that includes lodging, meals and activities.

Online Kanji Class

KAI Japanese Language School has started to offer the option of taking only the kanji classes for levels 1 to 3 of the General Course. This is the perfect class for those who can now speak Japanese, but don’t know or can’t remember kanji. Why don’t you try to overcome your weakness in Kanji with the curriculum that KAI Japanese Language School, which has many students from non-Kanji-speaking countries, has created based on the experience we have gained so far?

Private lesson

For those who cannot attend school 5 days a week due to work or study commitments, we offer private lessons. The location, time, speed and content of the classes can be arranged as much as possible to meet your needs.

We recommend a free trial lesson prior to enrollment

Finding a Japanese language school that suits your learning style and your goals can be daunting, and nothing is more unfortunate than finding yourself in the wrong class. To avoid this, we recommend a class experience at our school. Our academic advisors will check your ability level and ask about matters including your study period and purpose, after which you can observe a class that suits you. You can even observe multiple levels. Naturally, this class experience is free of charge. After enrollment, you can feel free to consult with us if your class level does not feel suitable. To request a class experience, please make a note to that effect in the Comments field of the inquiry form.

Attendance Agreement

Please be sure to confirm the following attendance policy before applying for our school. It defines the terms and conditions required when taking our Japanese programs. Your application deems you have read and agreed to these conditions.