General course

This is a Japanese language course that students will acquire a high level of Japanese language skills, with the possibility of obtaining a student visa by spending 6 months to 2 years. Students have a variety of goals, such as finding a job in Japan, entering a university or vocational school, or passing the JLPT N1. This course is designed for long-term study to master the Japanese language, but it is also possible to enroll for only one term (3 months) with a temporary visitor visa.

The most advanced Japanese language education in a digital environment

KAI Japanese Language School was one of the first Japanese language schools in Japan to introduce iPads In October 2015, we started to digitize our classes by lending iPads to all students in our General Course. We have built KAI⋮DLS (Digital Learning System) to provide original teaching materials and a learning platform for our students.

iPad for every student

All students in the General course are loaned an iPad (64GB) with a mobile connection to start learning immediately, providing an environment for learning both in and out of the classroom.

KAI’s original teaching materials in iBooks!

KAI’s original materials, available in iBooks, allow students to underline, write notes, and even use an online dictionary.

Manage Classes in “Hatake” (LMS developed by KAI)

With materials used in class, homework submissions, and posts from instructors, students can easily learn at any time.

Multinational student learning environment

The environment where students from more than 40 countries come together greatly promotes cultural understanding, coexistence, and intercultural communication among students. In a class of around 15 students, the only common language in the class is, of course, Japanese. The course will be completed in two years (attendance at least 80% and grades at least 70%), and you will receive a certificate of the level you last completed. We offer a variety of hands-on opportunities by inviting ordinary Japanese people to attend visitor sessions such as free talk, leader’s talk, essay supporters, and discussions.

Student population by country in 2023

student population by country in 2023

Student population by area in 2023

student population by area in 2023

Student population by age group in 2023

student population by age group in 2023

Sneak peek of our lesson

Flipped class

At KAI Japanese Language School, we use the flipped class system. The purpose of the flipped class is to improve practical skills. Let’s take a watch at how our students are studying.


Level2 Culture: Tea ceremony

Level3 Culture: Sumo

Course information

  • 1 Term: 10 weeks
  • Lesson days: 5 days a week (Mon. to Fri.)
  • 1 Lesson: 50 minutes (45 minutes after 2024)
  • Lessons per week: 20
  • Time: 9:00-12:50 or 13:40-17:30
    *The class time can’t be chosen.
  • Class size:Max 16
  • Admission: 4 times a year (January, April, July and October)
  • Apply for a college student visa: Possible
  • Eligibility: 18 years old or older, high school graduate or equivalent


For more information about visas, please click here.


Beginner Level 
(Beginner Level 1, 2)
Students will be taught basic grammar sentence patterns firmly, and Japanese assembling is understood thoroughly.
Intermediate Level
(Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Level 1, 2)
Variation of expressions is learned around communication skill learning after six months, thereafter which the power of application is acquired.
(More Social Topics / Grammar Strengthening / Vocabulary /Kanji 1000)
Advanced Level
(Pre-Advanced and Advanced Level 1, 2)
After one year, students will achieve advanced level of Japanese communication skills. Students will be able to speak and write with accuracy and logic. Achieving a level of sophistication in their communication will enhance their ability to speak with others comfortably and build their human relations network.
Students are encouraged to choose elective classes In order that they can learn Japanese general communication skills and contents efficiently. 
( Expressions – Logical Expressions / Preparation for Special or Technical Fields / Kanji 2000 )



Winter TermJan. 17 – Mar. 29, 2024
Spring TermApr. 10 – Jun. 21, 2024
Summer TermJul. 3 – Sep. 27, 2024
Autumn TermOct. 9 – Dec. 19, 2024
  • Summer break: Aug. 3, 2024 – Aug. 18, 2024
  • 9:00 – 12:45 or 13:40 – 17:25
  • 200 lessons per term, 20 lessons per week Monday-Friday, Four lessons per day (45 min. each)



Four terms
(1 year)
Three terms
(9 months)
Two terms
(6 months)
One term
(3 months)
Registration¥50,000 ¥50,000 ¥50,000¥50,000
Materials and
Four terms
(1 year)
Three terms
(9 months)
Two terms
(6 months)
One term
(3 months)
Rental iPad
  • Materials & KAI⋮DLS (Digital Learning System) fee includes KAI’s original digital learning materials, commercial printed books and various handouts as well as usage of custom developed software and services.
  • All General Course students are required to use an iPad for their lessons. iPads that can be used in class are iPads, iPadAir, and iPad Pro that are less than 3 years old and have a storage of 64 GB or more. The iPad mini is too small for viewing course materials. Please note that Wifi+Cellular type iPads purchased outside of Japan may not work on Japanese mobile networks. A rental iPad is available for a fee as listed above, however, the availability is limited, so please consult with us in advance if you wish to use one.
  • A rental iPad for temporary use is available for ¥500 per day.
  • The cost required for extracurricular activities such as transportation and admission fees are paid by students on site.
Student visa application fee¥30,000
Fees for College Student Visa Applicants Only

NBJ Business Japanese Program

This is a program to learn business Japanese, which is suited for those who study in the advanced levels of the General Japanese course and/or who have JLPT N2 or equivalent skills. This program meets the educational standards and criteria set forth by the Nisshinkyo Business Japanese Language Program.

Advanced level optional classes

KAI Japanese Language School has started offering optional classes for current General Japanese Course students in response to the needs that they want to study more. Taking these classes in addition to the regular course makes the students learn the subjects most suitable to their specific needs as well as improve their Japanese more efficiently in a shorter period of time. Non KAI students are also welcome to take the classes.