Practical Conversation Course Plus (in Summer Courses)

This course is designed to steadfastly improve your conversation skills in an enjoyable atmosphere. In the classes, you will practice a lot of conversation, so you will be able to speak a surprisingly large amount of Japanese in a short period of time. In addition to three conversation-focused lessons, the students will participate in activities twice a week.

Voices from students

I am satisfied with my improvements.
Mariela, Italy
Very interactive – better for learning.
María, Costa Rica
I think their teaching method was very good and easy to understand. The lesson involves many conversational exercises, so you can be a much better speaker automatically.
Carolina, Spain
I learned much about Japanese and the activities are great.
Yu-tien, Taiwan

Course information


August 2 to August 27, 2021.

  • If you haven’t studied Japanese before, please start on August 2.
  • The course can be taken in one-week increments.


8:00 – 10:50 or 16:00 – 18:50 (50-minute lessons x 3/day)

  • After class, there are activities twice a week for about an hour.
  • If there are one or two applicants, the class will be held for two lessons per day.


Complete beginner to Advanced (6 levels)

evelDesigned forPrevious learning timeCEFR level
1Compelete beginner0 – 100 hoursLower A1
2Beginner (first stage)80 – 160 hoursUpper A1 – Lower A2
3Beginner (middle stage)180 – 250 hoursLower A2
4Beginner (last stage)240 – 350 hoursUpper A2
5Pre-intermediate300 – 450 hoursLower B1
6Intermediate400 – 800 hoursMiddle B1
  • Students of level 4 or above must be able to read hiragana and katakana.
  • Students of level 6 must be able to read N3 level kanji.
  • By using KAI’s original materials, the lessons focus on improving mainly conversational skills. In the lessons of level 6, the students will gain not only conversational improvement but also the overall Japanese competency by learning advanced grammar, expressions and vocabulary.

Class size

max. 15 persons.

Register by

Friday July 16, 2021.



Regular priceEarly Bird
¥30,000 per week¥27,000 per week
  • The above fees include the materials and activities.
  • The early bird discount is applicable only when the booking is completed by June 2.
  • 10% discount for those who have taken one of our courses before.
  • If there are one or two applicants, the class will be held for two lessons per day instead of three lessons per day.

Enjoy Japan with online activities!

There are activities to enjoy Japan even if you participate online. The Practical Conversation Course Plus (live online) includes activities, so have fun!

DateStart timeActivity
Aug.311:00 / 19:00Tokyo “well-kept-secret spots” online sightseeing tour
Aug. 511:00 / 19:00Zazen
Aug. 1011:00 / 19:001-hour homestay (live online)
Aug. 1211:00 / 19:00Japanese language games and free talk with guests
Aug. 1711:00 / 19:00Dining Manners
Aug. 1911:00 / 19:00Origami (paper folding)
Aug. 2411:00 / 15:00Visit a Temple (live online)
Aug. 2611:00 / 19:00Japanese language games and free talk with guests

Please note for classes starting at 4:00 p.m., activities on August 24 will start at 3:00 p.m. before class, not after.

Tokyo “well-kept-secret spots” online sightseeing tour

The teacher will use a privately shot video to introduce you to parts of Tokyo you may not know!


A priest of the temple will teach you zazen from the temple. Let’s just sit in silence and feel the extraordinary. English interpretation will be provided.

1-hour homestay (live online)

The teacher will invite you to her home in a kimono. Let’s experience a visit to a Japanese home online.

Japanese language games and free talk with guests

Let’s play games using Japanese. We will also invite guests and you can enjoy free conversation with Japanese people.

Dining Manners

Japanese food, which has been registered as World Heritage, has its own unique manner. Let’s deepen the understanding of Japanese culture through proper manners.

Origami (paper folding)

Let’s make all sorts of things out of paper we have in our house!

Visit a Temple (live online)

The teacher will introduce the temple and how to pray there. In case of rain, we will use the video we have already taken.