Attendance Agreement

This agreement establishes conditions applying to the Japanese language program (below, “program”) conducted by KAI Japanese Language School (below, “school”). By consenting to this agreement, a person wishing to attend the Japanese language program (below, “applicant”) shall be considered to have applied to attend courses.

Article 1 Establishment of an agreement concerning course attendance

Once the applicant has understood the details of the program they intend to apply for, determined that those details are suitable, and consented to the content of the enrollment application and the stipulations herein, they may submit an application to the school to attend courses, and the school will consent in turn.

Article 2 Provision of service and payment of fees

The school will provide service suitable to the content selected by the applicant on the application form from the learning curriculum established by the school. The applicant will pay enrollment fees, lesson fees, and other costs associated with attending courses by a settlement date designated by the school.

Article 3 Structure of educational guidance

The educational guidance provided by the school will take place within prescribed teaching periods, and as a general rule will consist of multiple students and one instructor, with the exception of individual lessons. However, in a case of unavoidable circumstances, such as a natural disaster, the date and time of a class may change, or a substitute teacher may teach a class.

Article 4 Educational guidance start date

The start date of educational guidance is the day that educational guidance begins in a prescribed classroom, and is not the application date.

Article 5 Period of educational guidance

The period of educational guidance is the period of time written on the enrollment application. If the applicant wishes to continue educational guidance beyond the initially applied for learning period, for integrated courses, the applicant can renew enrollment by notifying the school at least 10 weeks prior to the expected completion date of the initial period. Notification periods differ for programs other than integrated courses. There is no renewal fee charged for renewing enrollment.

Article 6 Cancellation of agreement/mid-agreement cancellation

The applicant may cancel the agreement by submitting a written request to the school within eight days of submitting the enrollment application. If the agreement is cancelled, the school will return any payments such as course fees received by the school in accordance with cancellation rules established by the school. If repayment is made via bank transfer, payment of any transfer fees will be the responsibility of the applicant.
Cancellation rules may differ depending on the program you apply for, your visa status, or other circumstances. For details, please review the cancellation rules on the web page below.

Article 7 Recognition of course completion

The applicant will be rewarded a certificate of completion as evidence of course attendance if the applicant completes the prescribed amount of lecture time and assignments, and fulfills attendance rate and grade requirements.

Article 8 Use of facilities

During the period established in Article 5, the applicant will be permitted to use school facilities and equipment in accordance with rules established by the school. However, they may not use those facilities or equipment during times that the school has specifically prohibited such use.

Article 9 Copyright

Copyright for the school’s lesson content and the texts and materials used in lessons is the property of the school and the creators of the materials. No texts, videos, or other distributed materials may be duplicated or used for any other purpose. As a general rule, the applicant may not record audio or video of lesson content. The instructor may give special permission to record a lesson, but such a recording may not be duplicated or used for any other purpose.
The applicant may not distribute specific lesson content on the Internet or through any other publishing medium.

Article 10 Disclaimer

The will school assume no responsibility for accidents for which the school is not at fault, nor for theft or loss of property that occurs at the facility where the program is conducted.

Article 11 Information security

The school will appropriately handle any information collected related to the program in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law. The applicant may not release any personal information learned in the course of the program to any third party.

Article 12 Notifications

The applicant must immediately notify the school in writing when any essential information has changed, such as the applicant’s address or last name.

Article 13 Responsibility to comply

The applicant must comply with the rules established by the school, as well as any instruction or guidance administered by teachers or school staff. The applicant shall not conduct themselves in any manner that may obstruct the administration of the school, slander the school, or violate public order in any other way. The applicant must take personal responsibility for the safekeeping of personal belongings including teaching materials and course work.

Article 14 Cancellation by the school

If the school determines that the applicant has violated any of the provisions established herein, and the applicant shows no improvement regardless of their desire to improve, the school may suspend education of that applicant, and may cancel this agreement. In such cases, school expenses incurred during the suspension period or pursuant to cancellation of the agreement will not be returned to the applicant.

Article 15 Resolution of disputes

If there are doubts about any of the items established in this agreement, or should a dispute arise concerning this agreement, both parties shall negotiate a resolution to the dispute. Matters not provided for in this agreement shall fall within the purview of civil code and other laws and ordinances.

Article 16 Changes to this agreement

Changes may be made to this agreement without prior notification.

Date Created January 6th, 2016