Business Japanese Training for Corporate Clients

Based on experience gleaned from numerous successful corporate training sessions we at KAI Japanese Language School aim to create a Japanese language training program which builds up the Japanese language abilities required by foreign employees and communication skills which create interpersonal relationships within the company. We have created a training curriculum which meets the demands of and actual situation at each company and high quality classes are offered by instructors with a wealth of experience in corporate training and business Japanese.

For Those Interested in Office Lessons

Instructor Dispatch Classes

We will dispatch an instructor to your office at your convenience. Recommended for those who are too busy to attend classes at KAI Japanese Language School. We welcome applications from individuals and groups.

For Those Interested in Staff Training

Special Corporate Training Programs

We design special programs to meet the demands and aims of companies and municipalities, as well as specifically for IT engineers, marketing staff and managers who wish to acquire the necessary Japanese skills in a specialist field.

Flow From Application to Course Completion

  1. Meeting to discuss content of course
  2. Level check (if participant has already undertaken some study)
  3. Course starts
  4. Course finishes
  5. Submission of a report