Policies dealing with Novel Coronavirus

KAI Japanese Language School
Director Hiroko Yamamoto

Currently, infection spread of novel coronavirus in various regions in Japan is concerned. Even though there is no student from the problematic area at our school, we have implemented possible measures such as encouraging our students to carefully wash hands, sanitize with alcohol, etc. Furthermore, we have drawn up measures as below to prevent the infection in and out of the school.

Border control

  • Restriction for visitors who are from restricted areas.
  • Restriction on visiting restricted areas. (students, teachers and staff)

Infection prevention measures

  • Wipe down the desks and doors, etc. using alcoholic antiseptic solution placed in every classroom as well as the entrance before and after the class. 
  • Refresh classroom air during breaks and use installed air purifiers.
  • Offer a virus barrier card “Keep Barrier” to every student and have them wear it.
  • Encourage hand-washing, gargling and cough etiquette.
  • Take the temperature and send to a hospital when necessary.
  • Cancel events. (Speech contest, free talk, composition supporter, etc)

Regarding lessons

  • Considering students who feel uncomfortable about commuting to school by public transportation, we started to offer hybrid type lessons that allow them to participate in their classes online (all 4 periods or a part) from March 2nd in addition to the ordinary lessons at school.

Regarding calling off classes, being absent and postponing enrollment

  • Follow the policy by the Immigration Bureau regarding the leave of absence.
  • We may call off classes in the future depending on the situation of infection spread.

We will take the appropriate responses in response to the further situation change.