General Course 2020 Spring Term Survey Results

Our general course was fully online during the 2020 spring term. Here are the results of the survey conducted at the end of the term. The online class with Zoom was hastily implemented in April but we are relieved and very happy to know that the student satisfaction rate was much higher than we expected.

What is the purpose of your study? (multiple answers)

How effective were the classes for this term to fulfill the purpose of your study?

How would you rate this term’s online classes?

How was it to send and receive homework assignments online?

How did you like the method of exams?

How would you rate our reception service such as virtual reception, Skype etc.? 

How was the ASK Student Support? (Daily life support, Following the studies, Career support, Study support)

In order to maintain social distancing, we have changed the classroom layouts. We have also set rules about attending school and shortened the hours of lessons at school. How do you feel about attending class under such measures?

Was the coronavirus related information provided by school useful?