Edmond (Indonesia, NBJ)

Nationality: Indonesia
Graduation date: June, 2018
Place of employment: IT industry,Foreign Startup

My career before coming to Japan and my prospective employer

Before coming to Japan, I had worked in my country for about six years. I have experience working in a company related to energy, an IT company, and a company related to importation. My prospective employer is a foreign start-up that develops apps and my work location is Osaka. It is a company where I can work on what I want, so I am very happy.

What I focused on when choosing a job

When I was choosing a company, I focused on the scope of the job. I chose a company based on whether I could immediately make use of the career that I had built up until the present. I wanted to work “in Japan,” so I did not focus on whether it was a Japanese corporation or a foreign corporation. Also, I have heard that foreign students tend to desire to work at big corporations, but for me, I already had experience working in a small-to-medium enterprise, so I did not have any qualms in particular about working at a start-up. If it’s a major company, I will work as a small gear in the company, but for a start-up, it will be easy to see my contributions and I think it is an environment that I can take up challenges in. Even for the single phrase of “working in Japan,” there is really a lot of variation depending on the company. There are stiff companies as well as frank ones. The interview will be a good opportunity to see what the atmosphere of the company is like. I think it is important to see with your own eyes and feel whether the corporate culture suits you.