Ms. Huang (Taiwan, NBJ)

Nationality: Taiwan
Graduation date: June, 2018
Occupation: Manufacturing,Human Resource Management

My career before coming to Japan and in the future

Before coming to Japan, I worked in human resources management and accounting at a metal processing company. I was considering finding a job in Japan after I arrived, but after actually being here and learning about Japanese corporate culture and customs I realized that there are many parts that do not suit me. To me, it feels difficult to understand honorifics and detailed rules. After returning home, I plan to get a job at the company I worked for before.

Impressions of studying in the program

Among the many lessons, I think the lessons about handling phone calls and emails were very good. In addition to just learning how to write emails, we also did practical exercises in which we actually wrote emails. Also, the activity called CBL (Community Based Learning) was a good experience. In this program we collaborated with a library and read to children. Activities that take us outside the classroom to connect with Japanese society allow us to immediately practice what we learn in the classroom, and it is a significant experience for students.

Advice to juniors

Since you are studying abroad in Japan, you should experience as much culture as possible. It is a waste to stay home and study all the time. As for work, it is important not only to learn Japanese but you must also get to know the corporate culture and perspective. If you can understand the background of Japanese society and the company, your communication in Japanese will proceed much more smoothly.