Chris (Australia, NBJ)

Nationality: Australia
Graduation date: June, 2018
Occupation: Dentist

Become coming to Japan and my future career

Before coming to Japan, I had been working for four years after getting my dentist’s license in Australia. In the future, I am thinking of two paths that I can take. The first is to obtain a dentist’s license in Japan and start a clinic for foreigners. The second is to start a clinic in Australia for Japanese people. I am current at the stage of preparing for that.

My purpose of studying in this program and thoughts

In class, they mainly teach Japanese that is used in the office. You might think that there is no direct relation to the job of a dentist, but if I were to open a clinic, I would have to interact not just with my patients, but also with dental technicians, manufacturers, and many other people. In such times, business Japanese will be necessary. I think among the lessons, the lesson about emails and telephones are particularly practical and useful. Furthermore, through the lessons, I was also able to touch on Japanese work culture instead of just the Japanese language.

Advice to juniors

I made preparations to obtain the state examination qualification for dentists in Japan. It seems like people such as me, who obtained a dentist’s license overseas and are trying to work in Japan, are unusual and the procedures were pretty troublesome. In the future, the foreigner employment system will gradually change, so I feel that they will slowly relax their regulations regarding cases related to health care such as myself.