Lukas (Switzerland, NBJ)

Nationality: Switzerland
Graduation date: September, 2018
Place of employment: Semiconductor Industry, Research and development

My subject of study in college and prospective employer

In college, I majored in electrical engineering and obtained a master’s degree. My place of employment is a Japanese company that makes manufacturing equipment for semiconductors. In addition to concurring with my subject of study, it is a company that makes robots, so it is attractive because I can gain a wide range of experience as an engineer. Also, the company itself is a company that has about 60 years of history, but I feel that my assigned location is acting according to a new way of thinking. I think that area suits me as well. I am currently working at a place called a “strategic technology development room,” and everyday communication is carried out in both English and Japanese, but I speak Japanese with the people in human resources. For technical work similar to what I do, more importance is placed on technological strength than high proficiency in Japanese, but I think that being able to speak Japanese will also be able to put the minds of those in human resources at ease.

Accomplishments made in BJT lessons

In the program, there is a lesson on how to tackle BJT, and participants actually take the examination. This time was my first time taking the examination, but I was able to acquire Level J1. Such a qualification was effective in aiding me in looking for a job as well as applying for a visa, so I think it was a large accomplishment that I achieved. I think having something that proves your proficiency of the Japanese language other than JLPT is a great advantage.