Anna (Italy, NBJ)

Nationality: Italy
Graduation date: September, 2018
Place of employment: Event planning company, Sales department

Anna (Italy, NBJ)

My job offer

I got a job offer from a company that manages exhibitions and events. It has a lot of foreign employees. When I went there for the interview, they gave me a tour of the company. I really liked how warm and friendly the atmosphere was. One important point for me is that it’s somewhere I can apply my language skills.

The job hunting process

At first, I applied through a number of recruiting websites. I didn’t think too much about it and just thought I should give it a shot. Then, when I received replies, I selected the companies I was interested in. I was often asked about my strengths at the interviews. Since I’m a literature major, I realized that companies that require special skills or expertise wouldn’t be a good match for me. I thought about what skills I could utilize in a job and decided to assert that I’m fast at learning the ropes. I enjoyed scheduling and planning, so I also outlined that as a strength. I haven’t had experience in planning and management, but I think I was able to give the impression that I could contribute to the company if I received training.

Advice to peers

It’s important to not be nervous about sending out your resume. When you look at a job ad, you may think that you don’t have enough skills for the position and end up not sending out your resume. However, I think doing that is the first step. There is sure to be a company out there that will appreciate your abilities.