Students must be prepared for any kind of emergency when studying abroad in order to make the most of their time as exchange students. Having insurance to cover illness or injury is one part of being prepared.
Students who study on the pre-college visa must enroll in both A & B outlined below. Other students who are not enrolled in the national insurance scheme are recommended to obtain travel insurance before coming to Japan.

National Health Insurance of JAPAN

The National Health Insurance covers 70% of medical expenses such as illness or injury. This insurance will pay for chronic illnesses etc which are not covered by travel insurance. Participants are responsible for only 30% of ordinary treatment and the insurance covers the remaining 70%. National Health Insurance is thus an essential insurance for those staying in Japan for a prolonged period of time.
All residents that live in Japan more than a year are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance program, which is a Japanese government administered insurance scheme. Please undertake the necessary application procedures at your local ward or city office. Monthly insurance premiums are about ¥1,500 (actual premiums vary according to the municipality).

Japanese Language Exchange Student Insurance (¥10,000 per annum)

This is a system which compensates for the 30% of medical expenses not covered by the National Health Insurance program. Used in combination with the National Health Insurance program this system enables 100% coverage of medical expenses. Further, since it is a form of travel insurance, it also covers within a certain scope, compensatory expenses, home contents compensation, rescue expenses (expenses when family must visit Japan unexpectedly in the event of a major accident or illness) and treatment for subsequent complications etc which are not covered by A.

Compensation itemLimit of Indemnity
Death &Physical Impediment (Injury)2,000,000 JPY
Medical Expenses (Injury)100,000 JPY
Death (Sickness)100,000 JPY
Medical Expenses(Sickness)100,000 JPY
Personal Liability30,000,000 JPY
Rescuer’s Expenses1,000,000 JPY

Example: When treatment cost¥10,000 
National Health Insurance (¥7,000) + Japanese Language Exchange Student Insurance (¥3,000) = individual burden (¥0)