NBJ Business Japanese Program

Acquire Language Ability and Skills to Work in Japan

This is a program to learn business Japanese, which is suited for those who study in the advanced levels of the General Japanese course and/or who have JLPT N2 or equivalent skills. This program meets the educational standards and criteria set forth by the Nisshinkyo Business Japanese Language Program (Note 1).
The following subjects will be studied in level 7 and 8 homeroom and elective classes.

BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test

The BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test is a test that measures not only knowledge of Japanese and business, but also the ability to appropriately process and respond to given information.

Through study of about two and a half months (approximately 30 hours) in the BJT preparatory class at NBJ, you can expect an increase in score of about 60 to 80 points. (This is based on the past achievements of NBJ attendees, and is not a guarantee of increased score.)

J1+600–800Able to communicate sufficiently in Japanese in any business situation
J1530–599Able to communicate appropriately in Japanese in a wide range of business situations
J2420–529Able to communicate appropriately in Japanese in a limited range of business situations
J3320–429Able to achieve some degree of communication in Japanese in a limited range of business situations
J4200–319Able to achieve minimal degree of communication in Japanese in a limited range of business situations
J50–199Virtually no ability to communicate in Japanese in business situations

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Student data (2017-2024 March)

Areas and countries

Europe (71)Italy (17)
Switzerland (7)
Spain (16)
Russia (3)
Germany (7)
England (4)
Austria (3)
Ukraine (4)
France (3)
Netherlands (1)
Poland (1)
Finland (1)
Sweden (2)
Norway (2)
Africa (2)Egypt (2)
North / Latin America (30)USA (19)
Canada (4)
Chile (2)
Mexico (2)
Columbia (1)
Nicaragua (1)
Brazil (1)
Oceania (1)Australia (1)
Middle East (1)Lebanon (1)
Asia (48)Taiwan (21)
Hong Kong (7)
Singapore (4)
Philippines (3)
Japan (3)
India (3)
Indonesia (2)
Vietnam (2)
Thailand (1)
Malaysia (1)
China (1)

Educational background

  • University (113)
  • Graduate school (26)
  • High school & Vocational school (14)

Purpose of study

  • To get a full-time job in Japan. (111)
  • Interested in business Japanese. (31)
  • To work using Japanese in the home country. (17)
  • Already working in Japan. (4)

Employment rate


Employment results

  • IT/Telecommunications(23)
  • Manufacturers(11)
  • Education・Translation(10)
  • Hotels・Tourism industry(9)
  • Financial Service・Real estate(5)
  • Consulting Service(4)
  • Others(19)


In the program, there is a lesson on how to tackle BJT, and participants actually take the examination. This time was my first time taking the examination, but I was able to acquire Level J1.
Among the many lessons, I think the lessons about handling phone calls and emails were very good. In addition to just learning how to write emails, we also did practical exercises in which we actually wrote emails.


Subjects related to NBJ are as follows:

April and October classes

Job Hunting Preparation A
We provide resume writing and interview preparation training. Practice by experts to prepare you for the real thing.
Business Japanese by function (Phone and Mail)
Practical practice such as role-plays and email writing for job-hunting and work situations will be conducted.
BJT preparation
Learn the format of the Business Japanese Test and techniques for solving it, and aim to get J2.
Problem finding and solving
You will discuss cases related to work and think about problems, causes and solutions.

January and July classes

Job Hunting Preparation B
You will write a resume, make a self-promotional statement, and give a mock interview. Be prepared by mock interviews with an external interviewer and their feedback to understand your weaknesses for the real one.
Business Japanese by function (conversation)
Learn the basics of internal communication such as reporting, liaison, consultation, instructions, and understanding in Japanese.
Keigo (honorific) training
If you use honorifics in important situations, you will make a different impression. We will train you thoroughly so that you can make yourself one rank higher.
Explanation Training
You will practice to explain various topics in an easy-to-understand manner and to speak persuasively.
Business Vocabulary and Expressions
You will learn business vocabulary and expressions while reading texts about real companies.
  • Note 1: The Nisshinkyo Business Japanese Language Program guides foreign students to overcome the language and cultural barriers of Japan, to acquire enough communication skills to accomplish business tasks and to become capable workers in Japan and abroad. The NBJ Business Japanese Program at KAI Japanese Language School has been certified to meet the educational standards and criteria set forth by Nisshinkyo.
  • Note 2: To complete the NBJ program, you need to attend General Japanese course home classes as well as the subjects mentioned above.
  • Note 3: It is required to take BJT (Business Japanese Test) preparation classes in the April and October terms. Thus, it isn’t possible to take JLPT preparation classes held in these terms.

Program Requirement

It is required to have the Japanese level equivalent to the advanced level of KAI’s General Japanese course or JLPT N2 to take the NBJ program. The enrollment will be determined based on the result of the placement test described below.

If you are not a student of KAI’s General Japanese course

  • If you have passed JLPT N2, you’ll need to have an interview. 
  • If you haven’t passed JLPT N2, you’ll need to take a level check test and an interview.

In case your Japanese level is judged insufficient, you can gain skill in the General Japanese course until it reaches the required level.

If you are a student of KAI’s General Japanese course

  • The enrollment will be determined by your attendance rate and the result of a placement test.